How to Keep Up with Search, Social, and Mobile Trends in the Rental Space

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Today's technology is moving at a rapid pace, and consumer trends have an impact on search and your online reputation. Make sure you don't get left behind!  Content is now consumed and distributed locally and globally, across a variety of devices and in multiple formats, leading to an abundance of online content. As a result, social engagement is becoming increasingly dependent on high-quality content, and search engines have begun to take social signals into account.

Sounds like a lot, right? Not sure where to begin? Mobile should be your first consideration. More and more consumers rely heavily on mobile devices as their primary resource to access the Internet. With many renters searching with multiple screen sizes and technologies, it's vital to ensure your content is optimized across all various technologies with responsive design.

In addition, search is morphing with social as more shareable content becomes content that ranks higher in search engines. Utilizing social media in combination with content marketing is a great way to capitalize on SEO benefits. With that said, creating content that people will have incentive to share socially is critical to your marketing strategy.

So how do you ensure you're keeping up with these renter search trends on social media? Utilize these overall social media tips.


  • Secure custom URLs. Having a unique, customized URL for your social media platform will make you easier to find and more memorable. For example, ForRent.com's Facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/aptsforrent.
  • Add social media badges to your website. Social buttons encourage visitors to follow your community, and like, tweet, pin it, and +1 buttons encourage visitors to share your content. Also, make sure to ask your residents to visit your pages. 




  • Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags help your content get discovered by categorizing and narrowing the conversation.
  • Post information that is relatable to current renters and apartment shoppers. You can create content all day, but if it's not helpful or relevant to your prospects or residents, it's not going to help your cause.
  • Position yourself as a local expert. Do you love the area your community resides in? Make sure current and future renters know! Share localized content on neighborhood features, dining, shopping, nightlife, events, and entertainment. For more tips on maximizing your local presence, download a free copy of the "Rise to the Top: Be the Local Expert" guide.
  • Repurpose content. Don't let content be shared only once and then discarded. Look for ways to reuse it on multiple social platforms.


For platform-specific suggestions, take a look at "Tips to Make Your Social Media Channels Stand Out."

Social media is an essential element to most modern marketing campaigns. The reach of social media is virtually limitless with significant power from a marketing and advertising perspective, made only more important by the impact it now has on search engines. Keep up with social media, keep mobile in mind and reap the search benefits! 


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