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How to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. It's no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social...
Nov 25th

How to Talk to Millennials about Walkability

Millennials are a notoriously difficult-to-impress bunch when it comes to marketing, and yet they represent a growing...
Sep 9th

Online Reviews: The New Smoke Signals

One of the oldest forms of long-distance communication, smoke signals have been used to transmit news, signal danger and gather people to a common area.  ...
Aug 8th

How to Keep Up with Search, Social, and Mobile Trends in the Rental Space

Today's technology is moving at a rapid pace, and consumer trends have an impact on search and your online reputation. Make sure you don't get left...
Jul 29th

Top 5 Quotes from Randi Zuckerberg at Landlord WEBCON

We're going through Randi's WEBCON presentation, highlighting our favourite quotes and discussing how each one relates to the rental industry...
Jul 9th

The game has changed for leaders – how I learned the hard way

Have you ever faced a situation where you were suddenly and profoundly "rocked" by new information and your world-view changed in an instant? I want to...
Jun 17th

Randi Zuckerberg Wows Attendees at Landlord WEBCON 2014

It didn't take long for the audience to understand why Randi was chosen as this year's keynote speaker.  Her genuinely affable personality shone through...
Jun 9th

Introducing the Landlord WEBCON Blog

Today we're proud to announce the launch of our blog. A place dedicated to showcasing the exciting content of the annual Landlord Web Conference (WEBCON) and...
Jun 9th

About Us

Landlord WEBCON is an Internet marketing conference that focuses on educating landlords and marketing personnel on the latest digital trends and technologies impacting the industry.

This full-day marketing event is the only conference in the Canadian apartment industry focused on exploring marketing strategies and opportunities that impact the apartment industry.

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